Travel Notes 2- Colorful Yunnan


Yunnan is a southwest province in China. This travel notes will introduce some place of Yunnan. Because Yunnan is large, I cannot add too many details in one post. This travel notes based on some of my travel route. If you interested in Yunnan, I would write more details in later notes.


It shows the Yunnan Hoodoos Geopark in a photo. Most karst landforms in the world are visible here. Local residents created a variety of humorous names and tales based on various landforms and rock shapes.

Erhai Lake

Yunnan is a collection of well-known scenes, including Cang Mountain, Erhai Lake, and Yulong Snow Mountain. Erhai Lake is showed in previous photo, but the actual environment is more beautiful. You will not need to spend a lot of time on this place. It is only a location for taking photos, one hour will do.

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