Travel Notes 4 – One-day Tour in the Park

Let us enjoy some photos of Stanley Park in Vancouver first!

Stanley Park is located in Vancouver, Canada. You can choose driving or taking bus to arrive Park.

It is a good place to relaxing. You can take your family to Stanley Park on the weekends. The park is open to everyone and allows for many activities, including camping and running. In this area, if you’re lucky, you can see animals. Birds and squirrels are present. Lastly, don’t forget to pack an umbrella. The rainy weather in Vancouver makes it difficult to go outside. YouTube Audio Library


Travel Notes 3 – The summer of Japan

The Japanese castle known as Osaka Castle was rebuilt during the Edo era and is situated in Osaka City Park. Ensure you have enough time to spend there; it’s a fascinating place. Finding a guide to show you around is your best option in this situation. The tour guide will share some interesting stories and important historical facts about this castle.

A temple in Kyoto is called Rokuonji. You are welcome to pray in this temple if your religious views are similar to theirs. If you have no interest in religion, you can take in the landscape or browse the local vendors’ goods.

You have to take risks in order to see Mount Fuji clearly. You may not always be able to see the entire scene of Mt. Fuji because of fog.

It is possible to climb Mount Fuji in Japan during the summer. Please remember to bring thick clothing! It is advised not to climb the mountain if your health does not permit. since negative reactions during climbing are possible. Watch it from a distance.

Enjoy the summer fireworks in Kyoto.


Travel Notes 2- Colorful Yunnan


Yunnan is a southwest province in China. This travel notes will introduce some place of Yunnan. Because Yunnan is large, I cannot add too many details in one post. This travel notes based on some of my travel route. If you interested in Yunnan, I would write more details in later notes.


It shows the Yunnan Hoodoos Geopark in a photo. Most karst landforms in the world are visible here. Local residents created a variety of humorous names and tales based on various landforms and rock shapes.

Erhai Lake

Yunnan is a collection of well-known scenes, including Cang Mountain, Erhai Lake, and Yulong Snow Mountain. Erhai Lake is showed in previous photo, but the actual environment is more beautiful. You will not need to spend a lot of time on this place. It is only a location for taking photos, one hour will do.

You can see the travel notes with music.

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Travel Notes 1- The Beauty of Shaoxing

Where is Shaoxing ?

I want to introduce the place of my first travel notes. The Shaoxing city is located In China’s Zhejiang Province (southeast China). The weather is warm and moist because of southern city.

The Scenes of Shaoxing

LU Town

Lu is the name of a small town in Shaoxing. The name is taken from a piece of writing by famous Chinese writer Luxun. Do not miss this if you are a literature fan.

The scenes of traditional Chinese buildings are beautiful. It’s a wonderful spot to record a special moment on camera. Especially in the rainy days, the scenery is better than usual.

Shen's garden

This garden, also known as Shen’s Garden, is a typical Chinese garden; it was once a private garden owned by a trader with the last name Shen.

This garden has a love tale, and it becomes a well-known scenery because of tale. Elderly people force a loving pair to drift apart. However, they unexpectedly meet in this garden several years later. To express their emotions, they write poems to each other. In the end, their story ends with a tragedy. When you come here, you can view their stories and poems.

This love story is performed as an opera in the evening. You will get a small gift from the Shen’s garden if you go to see the local opera. The garden has different scene at night if comparing with daytime.

There is a video you may be interested. It introduces Shaoxing to public.