Travel Notes 3 – The summer of Japan

The Japanese castle known as Osaka Castle was rebuilt during the Edo era and is situated in Osaka City Park. Ensure you have enough time to spend there; it’s a fascinating place. Finding a guide to show you around is your best option in this situation. The tour guide will share some interesting stories and important historical facts about this castle.

A temple in Kyoto is called Rokuonji. You are welcome to pray in this temple if your religious views are similar to theirs. If you have no interest in religion, you can take in the landscape or browse the local vendors’ goods.

You have to take risks in order to see Mount Fuji clearly. You may not always be able to see the entire scene of Mt. Fuji because of fog.

It is possible to climb Mount Fuji in Japan during the summer. Please remember to bring thick clothing! It is advised not to climb the mountain if your health does not permit. since negative reactions during climbing are possible. Watch it from a distance.

Enjoy the summer fireworks in Kyoto.